Is this normal?


So my mother in law lives with us because she is manipulative and pathetic. Believe me it didnt start this way but this hate has been brewing for 5 years and exploded to this. I cant control myself around her so I just try to avoid her. Like i have physical reactions to her presence its crazy. But besides the point that's not my question lol. So I dont really consider my husband a mama's boy but he like literally babies this woman so maybe he is. He works 9 to 5 and she is home all day cause she never really had a job her whole life so they see each other pretty much every day. I work the night shift from 6pm to 430am. So I rarely see him as much. I found out that on wednesdays he talks to his mom about whatever I guess to catch up or find out things. I was ok and he was like she asked for him to set a day to have these talks.

So at first I didnt have a problem with this. I've been taking some time off work because of morning sickness and noticed he's like literally in her room for like 1 or 2 fucking hours. Really bitch WTF do you have to talk about. Your dumbass sits in bed and watches TV all damn day and you see him every fucking day. And one time I was lying on my side in my bed with my hand on my head and he made a comment on how that's how he sits on his mom's bed. I was like eww and got a little disgusted. Ok so a little background on her she has made comments before on how she wants a young man ( she's 65) and one time a person was joking around and said oh look at your nice young boyfriend, while my husband was standing next to her and she said I wish. She has also grilled me in the past about our sex lives so that's why I was disgusted. Also when we go out she literally grabs him and hangs on to him to walk. She used to sit in the front of the car too but I told her ass to sit in the back and she threw a fit. Before i didnt really care but ive been nauseous but I didnt thi k I needed to give her an explanation. I really dont think my husband thinks anything of it but because of all that shit and how she literally clings to him I am completely disgusted when they are together and she's around. I mentioned some of this to him before and he was grossed out and said I'm misreading everything. So I hope I am but I really think this bitch went delusional.

So we were starting to look at houses and he drops the bomb that she is coming with us. I'm like no fucking way. We have a baby coming on the way and makes enough alimony to get her own damn place. She even has an older daughter that's also divorced and alone she can live with. I'm trying to tell him we need out privacy and we are starting a family. They both had that why cant we. So now we argue all the time because he thinks he has to take care of her. She is not disabled and she makes a decent amount from alimony. Oh yeah I also started seeing a psychiatrist and therapist to deal with my anger and they even say I let her have too much and i need to set boundaries.

So in my head I'm like do I really need to get divorced. I love my husband to death but I truly despise this woman she's been with us for 5 plus years and I feel like a freaking prisoner and am so over it.