Too aggressive...

Alexis • 💜TTC💜

Update: My boyfriend is so playful, last night he took a cutting board and tried to smack me on my butt and ended up hitting me on my leg. Unfortunately it was way too hard! The cutting board broke in half and I fell to the ground in tears. He immediately apologized and kissed me on my head several times. I know he had to have felt like crap because he did it in front of my cousin and his wife. This is my leg this do I stop this roughness?

My boyfriend just left the army and is finally home for good and he was having a pretty good transition from soldier to civilian until 2 weeks ago. He’s been home for a month now and everything was going fine until he started telling his mom to shut the f*** up, no one cares what she’s saying. Also while playing around with me started being way too aggressive. He bites me so hard he leaves bruises on my legs and punched me in between my legs (leaving my private bruised, not going to picture 🤣). He was definitely playing around trying to get me off the couch. I have asked him to stop being so rough and I’ve told him he just didn’t know his own strength when he plays. He’s a very goofy guy but does have an awful temper when he gets mad and he made the comment once of he thinks it’s hot for a woman to look like she’s been beat. Then again he was joking...he’s never once lost his temper with me or hurt me in any kind of way when he was mad. I stay with him during the weekends and at my house during the week my legs are currently catching a break so they don’t look as bad but they look horrible by sat mornings!