i’d just like some effort

my fiancé doesnt work right now. i’m at home too due to doctors orders. we both cook, but i’m the ONLY one that cleans. he won’t even pick up after himself. anytime i try to bring up that i could use help he says that it’s my job to clean bc that’s the wife’s duties, and because he cooks. which we both cook. i literally get everything out for him (food, seasonings, oils, pans,etc) hell cook the meat and then any sides i take care of. that’s all. he doesn’t straighten up after showers, after eating, cooking, he wants me to do his laundry and he yelled at me bc HIS room was dirty with all of HIS clothes and HIS cups, plates, and bottles! ugh. i love him and i want to make him happy and to make us last but at 19 weeks, i’m exhausted and really starting to feel like i’m getting taken advantage of:( thanks for the rant!