Stay at home dad


Hi guys, so I'm going back to work soon, in about three weeks. Pretty sad about it, but it has to be done! My husband works from home, and we decided that he'll take care of our son for the 5 hours that I'll be away daily.

What can we do to make this a little easier? I'm so stressed about having to leave pumped breastmilk, and him having to feed our son, and settle him for his naps.

Right now it's so hard to get him to nap, we've been trying to make it easier, but it takes more than 2 hours to put him down. He also hates napping in the bassinet. When he finally does sleep it's only for 30 minutes, maybe an hour.

So pretty much I'm afraid my husband will get 0 work done while having to put our baby down for naps