Morning sickness rant


Dude. This is my second (successful) pregnancy. I had horrible morning sickness with my first. It was AWFUL and I got carsick which was especially bad at the time because I drove an hour and a half each way for work. Thank everything holy that it ended at the end of the first trimester.

Now, this pregnancy, I knew I was pregnant at 3 weeks because I got carsick which otherwise never happens. I was prepared for the morning sickness. As soon as I saw the 2 lines I took a breath and said "here we go." I had a few evenings of nausea, especially triggered by cooking food. No biggie, though. My first trimester was a breeze!

I'm now 15 weeks and DYING. What did I do to deserve this? Did I take it for granted? I don't think I did but you can never truly know. As soon as I entered the second trimester, nausea welcomed itself into my life and body. I cannot stop throwing up. Nothing helps. Crackers, ginger ale, Sprite, water (warm or cold), lying down.

So yeah, that's all, I guess. I just needed to vent a little bit. 😂