Sick and tired of being sick and tired 😭

Larissa • SAHM #GirlMoM 🎀09/01/17•🎀05/18/20 👼10/2021•🎀 09/18/2022🌈

I am done with the morning sickness i can not wait for it to ease up i can not stand to taste vomit anymore all 3 medications have not worked they didn’t stop the nausea and vomiting and did not help me sleep doc says all i can do is stay hydrated eat small meals and with in a few weeks it should get better 😩 but i cant escape this from week 7 till now almost 12 weeks how do you eat when your stomach is growling and hurts from hunger but every thing you eat comes back up with a vengeance and the thought of food or water even touching your lips makes you sick 😭🤢🤮