Terrified to tell my family

kay • First time mommy to a little boy💙05-14-20

So I’m 3 months pregnant at 19 and I live with one of my grandmothers for now but my boyfriend and I do plan to get our own place before the baby is born. I haven’t told my family yet because I was pregnant before and they weren’t exactly supportive (they weren’t supportive at all) but I lost that baby. I haven’t told them yet because I really don’t want any negativity. Idk what to do because obviously I have to tell them and I’m starting to show now. Any advice? I have the worst anxiety just thinking about it. My boyfriend has a good stable job, I just finished beauty school and I’m a licensed esthetician so we are on a good path and will be completely able to take care of our child but I just know my family will drive me absolutely mad. Please help.