So ladies, my husband had a dog before we got together - still has this dog I should say and I’m allergic to dogs.

Now we both knew this going in, I made some changes like taking an allergy pill every day to deal with it. He made some changes like making our room allergy proof so the dog isn’t allowed in it.

But when it comes to downstairs I am dying. 😩😭 I want the dog to stay off the furniture so that I can comfortably sit downstairs and he’s fine with it, but we leave him out at night - we don’t want to cage him up all the time - and he will literally couch hop (found this out when a friend stayed over - but kind of already figured it) even though he has a nice comfy bed. Luckily the couches are leather so it can be wiped down but I don’t want to do that EVERYDAY. But today my allergies and asthma went crazy just from sitting downstairs, like I literally left the house. And I’m 9 months pregnant so I don’t know if that just makes my allergies and asthma a little worse but I don’t know what to do!

Any suggestions on getting my allergies under more control with the dog? I don’t want to just throw him in the cage all the time or overnight but I can’t live like this and I’m questioning if marrying my husband was even the right thing because of how bad it gets sometimes. He loves his dog and I would never make him choose or suggest he get rid of him because I get it. But I can’t deal. I feel like a prisoner in my own home.