Cut my hair

Olivia🧚🏼‍♀️ • NYC living 🤍 🗽 22🥂🫶🏽

My hair was soo long but it was just put into the wrong hands. I was never taught how to take care of my natural hair. My mother’s response was always “go to the salon and have it straightened”. Ever since elementary school I had to straighten my hair every two weeks. With that being said, the worst thing I could’ve done to my hair was dye it. Hair that is dyed needs extra care and special treatment. I did it just because I wanted a change. I don’t regret it because my hair is growing back healthy now and I’m starting to learn how to manage it but wow. If only I was taught from young to love my natural hair and take care of it (instead I was told that I look like a witch with my big curly hair) Btw, I never had any curly hair products in my house growing up. Everything I have now, I bought myself about less than a year ago.

Still learning how to do makeup so ignore that lol.

It even reaches back into a very tiny struggle pony.

Its taking a little while to get used too but I like it.