Will my children be denied ?

So I just had a baby 1 month ago and me and my husband already have a 4 year old daughter..

It’s almost time for me to start working again but my job is asking I work 12 hour shifts I can’t work 12 hour shifts that’s to long of a time period to be away from my newborn not to mention I’m breastfeeding 😣 I use to work the 12 hour shifts with no problem before I had my baby sometimes I would even do 16 hours my job company wants to keep it a 12 hour place tho no longer 8 hours so

I’m currently looking for a part time job 8 hours or even less I won’t be picky

I had zero luck finding one my disability checks I was getting from my maternity leave are about to end so I won’t be bringing in any income until I find some kind of small job

My husband works and makes okay checks not huge but decent checks I don’t think he can pay everything rent bills car insurance car payment and things the two kids will need on his own 🙁

I want to see if I can apply for cash assistance from the government for my two children so at least I can help in that aspect with getting them what they need

Do you think if I go apply they will get denied because my husband works ? Or will they get approved seeing that I’m without a income at the moment I’m stressing so much 🙁 I feel embarrassed going in there to ask for assistance BTW I live in California .

Please don’t judge me and say rude comments

I have always had a job it’s just hard for me trying work a 12 hour job with a newborn that’s all yes I’m looking for work

Anyways moms any suggestions on me applying for the two children?