Curly Hair Help!


My hair is stick straight and super slick.

My husbands hair is coarse and curly.

Our son has my soft hair, but my husbands curls.

1. HE NEEDS A HAIRCUT. Can I see curly haircuts for your 1 year olds? I do not like that “first haircut” look. It’s like the new bowl cut our dads and uncles used to have. 😪 Pinterest is so unrealistic and I have trouble finding his specific hair type.

2. We’ve been using sea salt spray/air dry spray, but just recently we’ve switched to this old spice wax my husband uses since it smells more boyish. 😂😬 is there a mans spray? His hair does so much better with a spray rather than the wax. His hair is so fine that the wax just makes his hair frizzy. We need something either odorless or for men.

3. His hair is NOT dry and we are NOT lacking in moisture. Shampooing doesn’t dry his hair out, but we do use it sparingly and we use conditioner. His hair is just too long and fine, so the wax tears apart the curls and makes it fuzzy.

First pic is now with wax (frizzy), second pic is air dry wave spray (takes so much).