How do you know when you’re ready to date?

I have been single my whole life aka 18 years, never been on a date... the closest thing I had sadly was a fuck buddy who would sometimes cuddle with me and then I caught feelings for him and he didn’t feel the same... I’m sick of only hooking up and having the “occasional dick appointments” with the same 2 guys honestly I’m over it and bored... I want to have a boyfriend idk how to get one, I have bad social anxiety when it comes to talking to anybody irl but for some reason I can have sex and not be shy... I used to just like having sex with no strings but now it’s different, I see my high school friends being in a relationship and having children and its just idk I feel lonely I guess :( I would like to have a companion in my life I would be an amazing girlfriend to both genders (I’m bi) I would love them from so easily tho I’m afraid they would leave me and I’d be all alone again

I love being alone but is it so wrong for me to wanna go on one date just to see what it’s about and maybe get me a boyfriend and not just a fuck buddy who just wants my body and not my heart or love??

How do you get started in the dating world? I’m afraid of tinder and any dating apps because of the stories I’ve heard and experienced myself I had a psycho attached to me for 9 months and we never talked about a relationship it was just sex sex and sex I felt numb and used...

I’m in college but I don’t go on campus and I also never leave my house so how they fuck would I find a man or woman to give my love to and to love me back