Nap advice


Looking for some advice. My son is 2.5 and has been a stinker about napping lately. I keep reading it’s just a regression but it’s been off and on for about a month now (more off than on!). He hoes to my sisters during the day 4 days a week and is home 3. The routines in both places are the same. I am a teacher and was off for the summer. He started fighting naps at my sisters after school started. I figured it was bc he hadn’t been there in awhile. He eventually started napping again there most days. But he’s back to fighting it, and takes awhile at home to fall asleep too. I would be okay with giving it up but he’s a little monster without a nap by dinner time. Both at home and at my sisters he stays in bed during the time he should be napping. He just lays there talking. Any advice is appreciated!