Anyone else feel this way?

M • 🐥

I don’t know how to put this without coming across as rude (because I don’t mean to be), but I have a very stressful job and work 10 or so hours everyday and then more at home that I just can’t stand other people’s complaining. Not on here, but generally. I work with thirty 10-year-olds in a 5th grade classroom. It feels like I’m literally in the trenches. Everything else’s complaints or worries seem so trivial compared to what I go through on a daily basis, especially with my behavior kids. I feel like I snap or am rude to people without meaning to be because I need some sort of release. I have several students that are mostly non-compliant and can be verbally abusive towards me. They also have one-to-one student devices (iPads) that I am expected to use with fidelity and need to constantly monitor their behavior on them.

Sometimes I feel like no one understands the amount of energy I exert everyday. Surely their tired could not compared to my teacher-tired, my “I’ve already answered that question a million times”, let me diffuse this conflict, giving 100% all day every day, let me engage these kids all day tired. I feel like no on understands and anyone else’s complaining has seemed absolutely infuriating to me lately.

I literally have no time to myself. I come home and spend time with the LO, cook dinner, plan, sleep, and still have to feed my babe twice in the night.

Weekends aren’t even a break because I plan and do chores and take care of my baby. It feels relentless. I hate that I’ve become so negative.

Does anyone else with a super stressful job feel this way? What helps alleviate the pressure? And I’m sorry if I’ve ever been rude to anyone on here. I feel like it’s all stress-related. I want to feel less like I have a knot in my chest at all times. It’s truly terrible...