Power Pumping

I’m a FTM. I have had so much trouble with breastfeeding. I wasn’t getting a good latch which of course put my nipples through hell. I saw a private lactation consultant twice. She was able to show me a proper latch but of course when I’m alone with the baby I have trouble. Baby doesn’t open wide enough for me. I’ve been pumping before every time I have to feed my little one. Which sometimes can be a battle when she is hangry. (She has to wait for me to finish my 20 min session) When I was breastfeeding I was pumping for 10 min after each session and was able to get some ounces stocked in the freezer. I think I have a total of 40 ounces. (Which is not a lot.) Right now we give our one month old 3 ounces every three hours. I’m still pumping every three hours but I’m just shy of producing three ounces which means I have to get into my freezer pack. Plus I don’t wanna have to bring my pump everywhere I go. Looking into doing “power pumping” but wanting to know if it really works. I’m a stay at home mom and it’s hard pumping so often when I still have to attend the baby. Any help I can get is appreciated. We’ve only been doing bottles for 4 days. Could I go back to breastfeeding or at least breastfeeding during the day maybe? My husband is refusing to switch to formula. Because it’s expensive and because breast milk to so much better. 🙄