Finally got help

I’ve had depression since I was 13. I never wanted to take pills to be happy. I got pregnant with my first and had ppd but again didn’t take any pills. I got pregnant soon after. I had my daughter and my ppd was out of control. I NEVER had thoughts of hurting my kids, just myself. I wanted to commit suicide every single day but the thought of me leaving my babies without a mom, I couldn’t act on it. Then one day I had a breakdown I was about to jump out of the car and instead told my husband to drive me to my obgyn. I walked right into the back. I was freaking out saying i just wanted help and to be happy. Protocol because I said I was suicidal was to send me to the hospital. After that I’ve been taking my antidepressants and I’ve never felt better (other than extreme anxiety) I’m happier I don’t ever want to die and I’m a happier mom for my kids.

If you feel like you have ppd TALK to your doctor please