Am I In The Wrong?


So I’m gonna make this as short as I can but it’s a long complicated mess. My oldest brother has severe alcohol issues. We’ve never been close because he’s a lot older than me so we didn’t grow up together or anything. I love him and always will because he’s my brother but I don’t support his drinking. Anyway our dad has been extremely sick the past few weeks. I was always keeping him up to date with everything going on with dad in the hospital. Well when dad got moved to a rehabilitation center for therapy I let my brother know and he called me and was calling me a liar saying dad wasn’t where I said he was. I could tell he was drunk and I wasn’t about to argue with him. My dad is doing better now but he’s telling me I need to fix it with my brother. In my eyes there’s nothing to fix, I’m not mad at my brother I know he’s a completely different person when he’s drunk. I told my dad I am happy to talk to him whenever he decides to sober up again. Also keep in mind I’m almost 18 weeks high risk with twins so I’m just trying to keep my stress down but apparently I’m the one in the wrong.