Slightly Irritated

So my boyfriend usually comes home on the weekends (F-monday) to see his parents and me.

Before my boyfriend comes home I get this text saying his friend cam needed for my boyfriend to stay to help with his project for fashion.

It was assigned two weeks ago but it’s due this Sunday. Knowing Cam, he sits around after having only two classes. I’m slightly irritated because cam decided to wait until the day before it due to make a whole suite project and Tyler (bf) and I had stuff planned such as a private tour and concert.

Inner me is saying “wtf cam could have done

it literally done it this past week”

Edit: Cam is gonna get a very very very serious beyond angry southern woman text from me in T minus 4 minutes. Idc , he should have started it weeks ago when it was assigned . I sold the tickets for the concert and now I have to reschedule the private tour (WWII/ Holocaust museum... before you comment about the tour. He is a history major and likes the WWII Era) which takes weeks to book.

#2 edit: Bf is in the dog house.