9/29/19-10/23/19 my daughter became my angel👼🏼


I spent most of my pregnancy on this app... so excited that my husband & I were expecting our first baby.

My pregnancy was good, no complications, labor & delivery went smoothly. All natural no meds, and I pushed her out in 6 minutes of pushing. Ivy Brielle was born... and she was so beautiful. During my pregnancy we knew that she had a recessed chin that doctors didn’t think would cause any issues. However she also had a cleft palate which made eating extremely difficult for her. They decided to transfer her to NICU. The plan was for her to stay in NICU and work on her feedings until her scheduled jaw distraction surgery at 23 days old. The surgery was a success. But exactly 24 hours later my daughter passed away. She started deteriorating in the middle of the night, by morning she was semi stable and then around noon her blood pressure and blood oxygen plummeted and never went back up. She fought for her life for 6 hours up until her death. Somehow she got an infection called pseudomonas that wasn’t caught which then caused septic shock.

My sweet innocent baby girl had so much life to live and it was cut short... I am completely broken. It’s been a little over 3 weeks since she passed now and I feel like I’m being forced to live with an unbearable pain that will never go away.

But I want to honor my little girl in everything that I do for the rest of my life so I have to keep going, I will not fail her.

I will love you forever Ivy.❤️