So discouraged


I’m a ftm so breastfeeding is a completely new experience for me. I told myself I would do everything I could to bf although I knew that realistically it’s not always the best option for many different reasons. Im only 2 days pp and other than 2 feeds today, I’ve given baby formula because of how raw and sore my nipples were. Ive been constantly putting nipple butter on them and have just been pumping. When the lactation consultant called me this morning I explained my nipple situation so she said to give them a break from feeding for lo and just use formula but told me to pump every 2 hours. I get this is a crucial time to encourage my milk production but every 2 hours seems like a lot! Especially when my lo was feeding every 3- 3 1/2. The night is still young and I am dreading getting up every 2 hours especially when my lo has been sleeping for 3 3-1/2 hour periods. Is every 2 hours really that necessary? Or can I just wait the 3 or a little longer hours and pump while lo is eating? I’m scared to just go longer in case it affects my milk production! Anyone with similar experience?