std? yeast? something else?

I had unprotected sex about two weeks ago (consistent partner but recently stopped using condoms due to being on birth control pill), and ever since then I have been having increased symptoms of something (but i’m not sure what yet). For weeks before I had been having symptoms of what I thought could be a UTI, but I didn’t have the means to treat it, so I just tried self-treating and hoped it would go away. I had pain in my pelvis if I jumped or moved too fast, urinary incontinience, and felt slight burning with urination. I was also kind of bloated and felt a heaviness in my lower abdomen. During sex I had no burning without a condom, but a little some with the condom on (just barely). However after during urination and wiping, I had intense vaginal burning. Since then, the symptoms haven’t have seemed to get much better, and I now have been having what feels like swelling on both sides of my pelvis (but less in the middle). My lower abdomen feels super full , heavy, and sometimes achey, and I have had intense burning when urinating or wiping still, and some visible irritation on the inner and outer lips. I have also had pretty intense fatigue, a cough and some throat pain with swollen bumps on the back of my tongue and what looks like a mild case of oral thrush (I also had oral sex, don’t know these symptoms would be of an STD or just that of a cold). Anytime I cough I feel a slight dull pain in the left side of my pelvis. My discharge hadn’t been too off though, maybe just a little tiny bit thicker and sticker than normal. I ordered a STD test for chlamydia and gonorrhea (I have other backup plans too, not just testing for that and calling it a day) , and some PH strips so hopefully I can find out what’s wrong soon, but i was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced anything like this or has any advice for me, I would appreciate it lots, thanks!!!! <3