Terminating Pregnancy


So I just found out I’m about 5 weeks pregnant (according to my last period & these super positive tests). I’ve decided to terminate for various reasons. I’ve never had an abortion or been pregnant before. So I’m not sure about how it all works. I’ve read tons online during the past 19 hours since I found out. However, I wanted to come on here and ask just so I can hear from other people’s experiences and maybe someone can answer some of my questions. Since it’s early enough I read that the pill is what I’ll receive. I’m planning on calling Planned Parenthood and set up an appointment. Now, my questions: -How should I set up the appointment? Do I flat out tell the scheduling person that I’m looking to terminate? Do I set up a different type of appointment? After taking the drug, what should I do? Put on a pad? Go sit on the toilet? Wait for cramps and then go to the bathroom? What do the follow up visits consist of? Please please please someone help me with these questions I’m a bit freaked.