How long was a actually in labor? (Birth story)


I lost part of my plug with a little blood Thursday(Oct 10th) night around 11pm. A few cramps started then but nothing bad. Friday(Oct 11th) was fine, cramp were on and off. Friday night around 5, I had my bloody show. Saturday(Oct. 12th) I wake up not really cramping just feeling uncomfortable. Well as the day goes on the cramps get worse. I’m laying in the bed most of the day thinking maybe it’ll get better. 5pm Saturday I decided to go the er just to see. I honestly thought they would send me mom. Me and my mom get to the er around 5:30. I’m at 2cm. They wait an hour check me again and I’m a 3. I walk for an hour come back they check me and I’m a lose 4. Doctor on call decides to admit me. Between 9:30-10 I’m wheeled back to labor and delivery. They break my water and start Pitocin around 11:30. I get an epidural shortly after (he had to stick me twice😫). On Sunday October 13th at 4:38am my daughter was born. So how long was I in labor? Did it start Thursday when the cramping started or Friday with my bloody show?