So I’m in a difficult situation

My good friend is in an abusive relationship. She has been with him a little over 2 years and has left multiple times. I’ve always had my door open for her whenever she needs. She has a one year old boy and is pregnant 37 weeks with another boy. The tool she is married to won’t let her get on birth control. He controls all of their money and rarely lets her out of the house. She used to be so lively and full of life and I’ve watched this man slowly take it all away from her. She is a beautiful woman and he won’t let her wear make up if he deems it to much or outfits If they are too sexual or show to much leg! It’s ridiculous. Those are the small things in the grand scheme of things. When she was pregnant with her 1 year old now he would slap her, choke her, kick her say he was going to murder her and the baby and then kill him self. It got worse after the baby was born. I’ve seen all the bruises. He pushed her so hard into a wall that there was a huge hole in it. The list goes on. And her and her family aren’t on good terms because she has left and gone back so many times. Now her family is calling her crazy and that he must not abuse her at all if she always goes back. I think her family is bull shit. So she feels like she has no where to turn. As she has no money etc. I’ve always told her to come live with me until she gets on her feet but she doesn’t want to impose etc . So anyways fast forward to today. Apparently her and her husband got into a little fight that turned big I guess. It is always over something stupid. She asked him a question he didn’t like and he yelled at her really hard and made her cry . Then he got mad at her for crying and said she always makes a big deal out of everything. So she told me she said would you rather me get angry and call you a motherfucker or just sit here and cry?! So she told me she went upstairs to let him calm down and so she could rest since their baby was napping . Baby wakes up a little while later and he gets him and brings him in and gives her the baby saying the baby wants her and not him. Anyway things were going okay and then she apparently laid down on the couch while he was doing his thing and this upset him so he storms out of the house. So she text him like don’t be upset , anger doesn’t fix things and I still love you. He comes back angry and she tries to be gentle and loving to him and he rejects her and said there are ways to be upset and she always does it wrong. And it escalated into him calling her a crazy bitch, and that she makes his life nothing but miserable and that he wants her to leave . He said a bunch of other profanities that are to exhausting to even write . So my friend walked over and slapped him a few times . And mind you she isn’t one to ever be violent . And she was never violent in the past . So he freaks out and throws a glass beer bottle at her. Then slaps her face so hard her earring stud fell out. He then blamed her for everything and said she is the abusive one all because she hit him. So now she is killing her self because she said she shouldn’t have hit him and that’s not her and she never gets violent etc. etc. and I told her that he deserved the slaps after all he put her through with his physical violence . This the short version. Basically I don’t know what to do or how to advise her as I think I would have killed the motherfucker by now. ☹️🤭