Name Help 😭


My boyfriend and I decided on the name Ysabella before we even found out we were having a girl. She will be named after my boyfriends late mother, Isabel.

Anyway, I told my mom our name we had picked out after our gender reveal. She ended up letting it slip while she was talking to my uncles wife, who has a daughter named Ysabella from a previous marriage. She got snarky with my mom and said, β€œso there’s going to be 2 Ysabellas in the family with the exact same spelling?” And my mom explained to her why we chose the name.

Since my mom told me that, I’m having doubts about her name πŸ˜• I suggested Ysabelle instead, but my boyfriend really wants us to name her Ysabella. I feel so conflicted, and need opinions on what we should do 😭

**I am super opposed to the nickname Bella, also.