Just finding this out now!


So I live in a smaller city. But my smaller city hospital does deliver babies. Well I just found out my ob is switching and will only be delivering in a city about 30 miles away. This hospital is better equipped in case of emergency and stuff but I absolutely hate the hospital. The hospital in my town does not have a nicu but the one 30 miles away does. I delivered my first child in the hospital 30 miles away it was my worst labor I feel like I got ignored plus my full term baby ended up in the nicu because of their mistake but I was so excited when I moved up to this city cause I wouldn’t have to go to far and family could come see the baby after he/she was born. My 2nd and 3rd baby we’re delivered at the hospital in my town and I loved it. Well I’m stressing now because the way it’s looking I have no choice but to deliver in the bigger city. I called the other ob in my town and they are not taking patients till April which is when I’m due. Ugh I’m worrying myself sick cause of this stuff. Help