Question for those with multiple kids


My husband and I are pregnant with our third child. Our first 2 are girls. I had the BEST pregnancies with them. Was barely nauseas and threw up maybe once or twice for both. I always said I loved being pregnant. Now with this one, I’m absolutely miserable lol. I’m constantly nauseas, can barely eat, was bed ridden because any movement made me want to throw up. I survived on maybe a piece of bread a day and lost 6 lbs in a week. I’m 8 weeks now and still constantly nauseas, but I’m able to eat 1 or 2 small meals and I’m mobile. My questions is, anyone with multiple kids that have different sexes, did you notice a different between those pregnancies? My husband and I are saying this has to be a boy because of the dramatic difference between my first and second and this one.