Need to vent about traveling far to visit family


So my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 almost 6 years now, we met at college. A year after being together he moved to my hometown (where the college is at) and moved in with me. For the last few years we have always drove an hour and a half one way to visit his family. Out of all those years his mom and one sister have visited us one time which was after we had our son, he’s almost 7 weeks old and she hasn’t seen him in 6 weeks.. so now fast forward 6 and a half weeks after have our son we’re planning on taking the drive to visit his family.. I guess it’s just annoying to me that we STILL are the ones having to make the drive to see everyone. They don’t even try to make their way up to where we live, ever. My boyfriend also said to me “we see your family all the time, don’t complain about wanting to leave when we go see mine” like sorry everyone in my family lives within 7 or less minutes from us!! AND I don’t like the fact that he wants to be visiting for hours and we have to pack all the necessities for our son just to visit them when it’s a whole lot easier if they would just come to us.. AND when his mom and sister visited the one time my son was only 4 days old and his sister was sneezing and sniffling and said to his mom “here take him so I don’t get him sick” LIKE WHY WOULD YOU HOLD HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU ARE SICK. I swear they don’t think about anything!! And her son(my boyfriends nephew) was sneezing right beside our son as well. I’m afraid that since we’re going to visit everyone will say they aren’t sick and we get there and someone will be.. rant over