Just need to vent

Soo.. I work in a call center and have taken up a new task that someone on my team was doing prior to them being promoting, but their still on our team.

I must say I was threw into this task with NO training! Pretty much asking questions as I came along. That alone bothered me because for 1, I couldn't get answers to get the job done when I needed it and for 2, I should've been trained prior to be assigned the task.

Well my manager asked if I got proper training on Monday would I be ok staying on the task and I agreed because who doesn't wanna learn something new from time to time?

Well I must say, that changed! ASAP!

Apparently I made a mistake because remember, I WAS NOT trained, and when I asked the person that was doing the task before, he already knew what happened and gave me attitude like "well this is what I do, or this is how I did it." So I walked away from him after he explained and told my manager I'm not interested in taking on the new task.

She said she understood and thanked me for helping her that week.

My thing is, I have severe anxiety. I know this sounds like nothing to a few people but it bothers me a lot. I don't want to feel like Idk what I'm doing OR someone is judging me. How can I get over this?