BIG potty training problems!


My June 2016 son will not stop using his diapers! Pull ups have been no help, he treats them just like diapers and he’ll still pee in his undies. He knows what to do and has done it, but it’s very inconsistent.

The only thing that works every time is to have him bare butt. If he has nothing on, he will tell me he has to potty and then run and go do it.

In a diaper it’s like out of sight out of mind for him. And this isn’t even practical to have him running around naked all day! 😒

I’ve tried every reward I could think of and still NOTHING!

I’m so over this already. Idk what the issue is, but it seems as simple as him just being lazy. He doesn’t want to stop what he’s doing and he doesn’t even want to pull down his pants. LAZY!

I force him to sit on the potty and he throws a fit about that too.

I have a 16 year old daughter that was fully trained by 2. No issues. So I’m at a loss.

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated at this point. I’m spending 50.00 every 3 weeks on these stupid diapers! 😫