Really hope this is it but convinced its not 😭


*TMI TO SOME* So on nov 5th I was at work and went to the bathroom and wiped and their was bloody mucus discharge and I'm like that's weird because it's never happened. It didn't smell weird and I haven't been itchy or anything down there at all. Well I tell my friend about it and she thinks I may have ovulated. I have pcos and was told I wont ovulate until I lose 20 pounds and have been working on losing those pounds and some but anyways after being ttc for a lot of years and nothing but bfn I'm convinced I'm not pregnant this time either but today was when I was supposed to start and she hasn't shown her ugly face yet.. I want so badly to be pregnant and to bring a beautiful baby home.. so I'm going to the store after work and I'm going to buy some pregnancy test and pray pray pray that its positive 😭😭🥺🥺