Anyone else detest their mother in law!?!!

Made it through my first month of babies life, exclusively breast feeding figuring out new schedule and routine out.

I honestly couldn’t stand my ML while pregnant all her doing short story she’s selfish and always about her and her wants.

She did things like: I was at the end of my pregnancy due any day dilated to 4cm and she wanted us to come to her house (because she can never come to ours not that I want her here either but I’m obviously pregnant) which is an hour away from us and the hospital.. she asked me to go to dinner again at the end, (after being a major Biihhhh to me the entire time till she realized it was the end and she better make nice to see her grandson) when I said nights aren’t good for me I get tired and normally don’t feel well I could do lunch or early evening; she said that didn’t work for her..

Anyway so before baby came I said traditionally we do not leave the house for 40 days after baby other than dr apt and such.

But my brother was getting married 3 weeks after I gave birth and there was hollow even before that.. so this last week she started mentioning to my fiancé how well I took my oldest trick or treating and how we went to my brothers wedding basically starting with her usual “come see me” and complaining that she wanted to see her grandson keep in mind she made the effort to see him here at my house ONCE.. but you want to see him so bad!

I just cannot understand her mental state at all. I told my fiancé I’m not playing these games anymore I’m on no ones time frame moving forward and I’m not leaving my house every time she feels like she wants to throw a fit because she wants a visit, it’s clearly easier for her to visit than us, plus they are far have a dog it’s a whole move we have to do to pack baby stuff up..

I try to not let her get to me but it’s that whole childish imma throw a fit and get my way thing she does that pisses me off and gets under my skin. I told my fiancé his mom is a one trick pony and this is what she always does.

I’ve also not let her hold the baby so she’s like “Sunday we are holding the baby ok” I wanted to be petty and ask if they got their flu shots and whooping cough shots, to make sure she doesn’t have perfume on (she puts too much on and sticks to everything)

I know it’s petty but she honestly causes me so much tension I’ve gotten migraines several times her energy is so shity..