Post hospital doctor appointment.

Erica β€’ 26 y.o. | 7 losses πŸ’” | EngagedπŸ’| 🌈 Cora born 12/16/19

I got called in to my high risk this morning. Which freaked me out. Lol. But he wanted to check on the baby. She's 4.11 lbs now with a head FULL of hair. 😬 She's also still breech, which he wants her to turn now. He said because my uterus is measuring a few weeks bigger and doesn't know that I'm only 33 weeks it's doing what a 35-36 weeks uterus will do. So chances of her coming earlier are likely, but my cervix is still longer so she's not coming yet πŸ‘πŸΌ And she's also the cutest little shit I've ever seen 😍❀️