Ovulate early after early chemical(4 weeks)? Help!!

Gabriella • 👶🏽💙 7/15/18. Due September 2020 with my rainbow 🌈 🌈

So I had blood work on 11/11 to confirm if I had a pregnancy or not and when they called me they said everything in my blood came back negative. So my period ended on 11/13 (the bleeding started on 11/8). So I took my first ovulation test on 11/14 and it was negative (low) and I took that at 11am. So I took another ovulation test with my clearblue digital on 11/15 at 11am and it came back high (flashing smiley). If I had hcg in my urine still I’m pretty sure my test on 11/14 would have been high (flashing smiley) and not negative (low). So is it possible that I am just going to ovulate earlier? I also had some pink spotting this morning, normally if I get old blood spotting it’s the day after my period is over and it’s brown not pink. Also my last cycle I ovulated later on cd16, and I didn’t get my flashing smiley until cd12, so for me to get it on cd8 is kinda early.