Growth scan!


Hello ladies I hope you're all well! Well it's been an emotional Autumn here!!! My little boy has been in and out of AnE with nasty viruses that have made him worryingly poorly😢 He's only just started to turn a corner ..... I hope! With all the stress I went through, especially having to carry him while he's been so poorly, I ended up going in with reduced movement! Luckily baby is all well but had to have a growth scan and she's measuring big. They're possibly sending me for a glucose test too to check for diabetes! I've been having to take time off work here and there, car has broken down and our boiler is on the blink! Not mentioning babies room is no where near ready , not even started due to building work at home! I am feeling more positive after weeks of worry just waiting for my little boy to have another blood test and praying his results are normal!

So has anyone had the glucose test? Just curious to know the outcome! X