Pink Stork Fertility Tea

Chelsae • Mommy of an Angel 04.24.2018 👼🏼 Rainbow due 09 - 2020 🌈 Kidney disease fighter 💚

Hey y’all, my fiancé and I have been TTC for 2.5 years with a miscarriage after 10 months of trying. In June I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I also suffer from Kidney Disease. This cycle was supposed to be my last I non- medicated cycle. I was originally so excited to start Clomid but the last few weeks I have started getting cold feet. Due to the risk on my kidneys and the side effects of the drug itself. We decided to get to the 3 year mark of TTC and if nothing happened to go back. Currently I am 3 DPO. I ovulated for the 2nd time in 6 months. I ordered male fertility vitamins but I also ordered pink stork fertility tea for myself. It will be here Tuesday so I will be 6 DPO. Since that’s a little early for implantation should I start drinking it right away or start next cycle.

Also, any success stories with the tea? & what cycle days did you drink it?

The male fertility vitamins I got is the conquer brand!