Debt Crisis

I am in SOOOOO much student loan debt and I’m just so freaked out.

I went to undergrad and then also went to grad school and the job I work at now doesn’t pay nearly enough money for me to pay off all of my loans.

If I could turn back time I wouldn’t have gone to grad school. It was a stupid decision, and now I’m paying for it.

I just feel so stupid and it’s so scary. Luckily I live with my parents and have been able to save money and put money away for retirement and what not. I pay 500 a month for my loans and it’s still not enough.

I am looking at getting a higher paying job and I know that will help. I have a few interviews lined up as well.

I need to talk to my boyfriend about my finances I fee like. He knows I’m in debt but I’m not sure how much. We’ve only been dating for 7 months now so I’m not really sure if I should bring it up now or if it will change anything but I am working hard to tackle this problem.

I have no credit card debt and my credit score is okay so that’s fine but it’s just my loans.

Someone please help me