Pregnancy depression

Bethanyy • 09/30/15 👧🏼 01/21/19 👼🏻 Baby on board! 🤰

I’m just so miserable.

This is my rainbow baby so I thought I’d be so happy and loving it. I’m not. I’m only 13 weeks and I’m so over it. I’m sick all the time. I’m tired all the time. Me and my husband just seem to argue or not speak. I just want to be in bed. All the time.

My first 2 pregnancies weren’t like this. I have no energy, no desire to do anything. I don’t even care about anything right now. My family is pretty much nonexistent. My husbands family was so amazing and supportive the first pregnancy but this time they are hardly even interested.

We found out we were having a girl, No one really wanted it to be a girl so it’s like “oh good another girl”

I just want to cry and sleep.

I feel so alone and over it.