He is talking to someone else..

So I was looking through my phone bill and happened to noticed that my husband was calling and talking to someone in a nearby town.. my first thought was that he was cheating. So I tried goggle searching the phone number and looked at images, hoping I'd find something.. first couple images were of a camgirl website. Which made me think he was cheating even more. I was crushed and crying hysterically but I was still looking to see if I could find anything. I looked through more phones bills to see this number was a recurring number. So now I'm thinking he had been cheating on me for years..

Well for some reason I thought maybe I should check to see what his mothers number is.. and low and behold it was her number.. Thank God I didnt call it to see who was on the other end as I was crying hysterically thinking her son was cheating on me.. with her lol.

Needless to say I need to stop reading these cheating stories on here. Especially while I'm pregnant and due in 2 weeks.