Can’t call doctor NEED advice asap


Before reading-I have PCOS and cycles ranging from 28-45 days. My biggest confusion is WHY and HOW did I get the prescription that blatantly contradicts what my doctor said over the phone a few weeks ago?

Letrozole is the ovulation stimulator drug I have been prescribed many times. I have always taken it cycle day 3-7.

After my chemical in October I had a phone appointment with my reproductive endocrinologist and her exact words were “after your saline ultrasound depending on how it goes I will most likely prescribe you letrozole to start taking immediately afterwards”. My saline ultrasound is on cycle day 8.

On cd1 I called in to let them know and schedule the saline ultrasound and get the prescription for antibiotics that they require with the ultrasound. The nurse at that time said “there is nothing on your chart about taking letrozole after your ultrasound. I will have to ask your doctor about that, but typically if you don’t take them on cd3 than you’ll have to wait a complete cycle to take them”

When I picked up my antibiotic prescription for the saline ultrasound they had also received and filled a RX for letrozole.

Today is cycle day 3. I’ve always taken is 3-7 never 8-12. The directions say nothing about what day to take them. Who sent in the letrozole prescription? Why did they? Am I supposed to take it now and my RE changed her mind? I know there are very specific dates to take it because of how our hormones fluctuate day to day in the cycles. I can’t call on the weekend unless it’s like an emergency or for <a href="">IVF</a> specifically and you get directed to a doctor who only knows what’s on your file. If I take it now and I end up with a bad ultrasound then I wasted a cycle. If I wait I may miss my window and not ovulate at all and just give myself drugs for giggles.

With my first and only living child I had almost the same procedure done that cycle. That cycle I did letrozole cd3-7 a dye ultrasound on cd10 and then everything went fine from there and got pregnant. This procedure is even less of a risk soooo I’m thinking it’s fine to take the letrozole. But what if I’m not supposed to and my doctor gets upset? HELP I’m so confused.

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