Drunk Sex

Last night was WILD. I had a drunk movie night with my boyfriend and his two friends, and BOY I have not gotten THAT drunk in a while. I was so out of it lol. I was on my best behavior while my boyfriend’s friends were there but as soon as they left I was all over my man. We immediately tore our clothes off and just went at it. Lately he hasn’t been wearing a condom for a bit of it but always puts one on about halfway through when he wants to cum inside me.

We cuddled afterwards and I don’t really remember how long we were “sleeping” or who starts touching who first, but all I remember was my boyfriend was on top of me and just f*cking me. It was super hot. There was no condom for that and drunk me just really wanted him to keep going but at least he had some common sense to pull out and stop 😅 I’m not looking to get pregnant so thank god lol.

Not long after that I was sucking his dick cause I really love sucking it. It’s really hot and turns me on hearing him moan and thrust deeper into my throat. After a few minutes of that I was on top of him just riding him and he couldn’t help himself he was f*cking me while I was on top. It felt soooo good. We kept going but of course he had the brains to tell me to pull out lol idk what was wrong with me. I’m usually not like that.

I lied on top of him for a while and then just rolled over to cuddle with him. We fell asleep again but heck drunk me woke up at some point and started stroking his dick. It was already semi hard before I started touching him so don’t @/me lol. He was moaning while half asleep but finally he gently guided my hand up and away from his dick. Then we both passed out again.

I have never been THAT horny while drunk in my life. I could honestly not help myself at all. I was super embarrassed when I woke up and my boyfriend said “horny girl” with that little smirk 🙈 ahhh. Well story time ended. It helped to remember all the details more clearly by writing it down lol.