I wish I could remember what it felt like last time


With my first, 8 years ago (😱), I woke up with massive diarrhea and stomach cramps. Otherwise I have no real memory of what the other contractions felt like. I was a lot younger and generally really unprepared, begging for meds immediately.

This time I’m trying to do things the right way and actually labor with intent at home but...I can’t tell what’s just pain from this point in time to what’s a real contraction 🤦🏽‍♀️

He’s super long (no lie, I feel the curve of his butt in my rib and his head in my pubic mound) and has such long limbs that every move/stretch is painful. So right now I’m laid out in a big arm chair feeling these pains in my back...and my side...and my hip....

No idea if it’s a contraction or if he’s just feeling cramped. All I know is it hurts 😖 I suppose if it picks up I’ll start timing it.