Veteran’s Day Birth story


So I went through with an induction on 11/11, because I have a history of large babies and this little guy was expected to be the same! I have had two previous births, both at a free standing birth center, to two 9+ lb babies. However, since I am active duty military, it was just easier to go the hospital route this time (and free).

My due date was 11/10. I was really surprised I made it to induction day because both my girls were early. But it was nice because it allowed us to plan a bit better especially for childcare.

Our induction was scheduled for 10 am, so after a big breakfast we drove to the hospital. They got us in right away and took us to our room, got me hooked up with an IV (after failing 4x between 3 people, holy cow that was painful!!)

After the IV, the doctor came in to check me. I was at 3 cm the week prior and had progressed to 4cm and 50%, so we decided to begin just by breaking my water at about 11-11:30. 15 minutes later I had my first contraction, which was pretty mild. They started to come regularly but far apart. We started pitocin at the lowest dose around 12 and the contractions got long and hard and painful real fast, probably 2-3 minutes apart within the first thirty minutes. Now, I’ve had two natural births and wanted to do so again, but decided to keep an open mind since I’ve never been induced. The pitocin mixed with the fact the hospital wanted me in certain positions made the contractions way hard to deal with compared with my last two. So I decided to go ahead with the epidural. It must have been a quiet day at L&D because they got in to give it to me within 10 mins. After the doc checked and let me know I was at a 6, they placed the epi. At first it only worked on one side, but we repositioned and it started to work better. I was still feeling the contractions in one single spot but gradually it lessened after positioning me with a peanut ball between my legs.

I drifted off to sleep then, waking when they would come in to reposition the monitors. At about 3:30 the doctor came in to set up the table with the birth supplies and check me. She said I was complete!! My mind was blown!!! Thanks to the epidural I did NOT FEEL those last 4 centimeters. I couldn’t believe it. She said it was time!! She positioned my legs up and could immediately see baby’s head right there, hair and all. My husband said everything was just there. First contraction got baby nearly out. Second contraction birthed his head, but then his should got stuck. The doc immediately pushed the emergency button and instantly like 15 people were in the room, but we kept on pushing while she manipulated baby and my pelvis and delivered his arm manually. It only took another minute or two. Then he was here!! They placed him on my abdomen but it took him a few extra secs to cry so they took him off and started rubbing on him. Finally he cried and I just started crying and shaking. It was so amazing. It was such a whirlwind and happened so quickly, my adrenaline was through the roof! After the initial tests, he was deemed just fine, and weighed in at 10 lbs 4 inches and nearly 22 inches long. They were concerned about his blood sugar because he was so big, but all his reading over the next 24 hours were perfect (I also didn’t have gestational diabetes, just big babies!) I didn’t even tear!

All in all, it was a great experience. I 100% am happy I got the epidural. Glad to know both perspectives now! Now 5 days later our little one is doing great and we are both happy and healthy!