Period was crazy this month

So let’s start off by my period is irregular, but this month I had it for a day 1/2 I’m not bleeding but when I wipe I have some blood, my lower back hurts and I’ve been tired lately, my hunny doesn’t cut in he always stops when he gets close to cumming.. I don’t want to buy a pregnancy test yet because I don’t think I’m pregnant because it’s been hard and last time I was pregnant 9 years ago I had a miscarriage. Well 3 days ago when we had sex I wanted so bad for him to get me pregnant. Well he pulled out and I started to cry.. tmi I was crying while giving him a bj to finish lol.. yes I know stupid for crying.. but ugh 😩.

Update: He does know I want a baby he just wants to make sure we are prepared and he’s able to support me n the family.. I just wanted to vent and laugh at the fact I was crying but he’s not ready yet, he has had a crazy life with his father leaving him and his mom. He wants to be a great father and him thinking of having a job that pays well to support me and build me a house will make him a good father.