Need some insight


So, my wife and I have been TTC for over a year in and off and have had 6 chemical pregnancies and 2 early miscarriages so we stopped for a few months so that We could get our mental heath together. So we decided 2 months ago to start trying again, we searched for donors and had a few that got our hopes up and then just kind of vanished when it came close to donating. Then this month we found an amazing donor who has been amazing, the only problem is that he can’t do donations over the weekend because of some personal reasons (which we totally understand) so the app and my OPK told me that Thursday’s was about 3 or 4 day’s before my official ovulation day so we went and got our donation and did our thing. The only issue we are having is that my ovulation day is tomorrow and I took my OPK 3 times so far today and it looks like I’ve hit my peak and he isn’t available today or tomorrow... do we still have a good chance of getting pregnant this cycle or should we just prepare for next month? Should we get another donation on Monday(the day after ovulation)? What do you guys think???? HEEEELLLLPPPP! lol