Husband not interested in baby


When I first gave birth up until about a week or so ago, my husband was amazing, always helping.

It sounds awful to say, but I don't know another way to describe it. It seems like he's getting tired of her.

He leaves for work at 6am and doesn't come home til between 5-6pm and baby girl goes to bed at 7, so during the week he really doesn't see her much. He will always say hi and talk to her when he gets home, but it's like I have to force him to hold her for a minute so I can finish making dinner or something like that. He will hold her to let me eat first.

He's on call this week and got sent to a job today, so he was gone half the day. When he got home I had him take her so I could make us something to eat. He put her in the jumper, she was being fussy, and he just gets irritated. I told him she wants attention, and sitting with her while you're on your phone doesn't count. He tells her if he had to be home all day with her like I am, he would put her down and walk away and let her figure it out. I know it's ok to do that sometimes but I always pick her up because I don't like to hear her cry, especially now when she cries mama, and he doesn't understand that.

I mean, if I was gone at work all day and would only get to see my baby for an hour at night, I would want to hold her and play with her. I think it will get better when she's older and can actually do things, but it upsets me now when he doesn't seem interested, she will only be this small for a short time šŸ˜”

Any other dads get like this?