Swing or no swing?

BoyMom👣 • • Ryder 06.28.18 | Rylan 01.07.20 •

I’m expecting my second son in a few weeks and unsure of what swing to get, if any. We used the rock n play all the time when my first was young and I needed to do laundry or the dishes or something. However, it’s obviously been recalled. I have a 17 month old & just feel like a place to set the new baby down would be helpful, but I’m also worried about getting the new baby used to rocking & stuff when sleeping. I’d like to sleep train ASAP & plan to put the new baby down as much as possible as my first is still being rocked to sleep and is still in my bed. I don’t want to do this another 17 months lol. We have the pack n play with the changer/sleeper so we can use that for a small period until the baby can roll. Any recommendations?