I’m so over protective of my baby already

I’ve had multiple people tell me that they can’t wait to meet my baby or can’t wait to come see me at the hospital. I dont want anyone who isn’t family or hasn’t been there for be emotionally and physically THERE AT ALL. I don’t want people kissing my baby, taking pictures of my baby, but I don’t know how to tell all these other people that I do not want them to come see us. I don’t want them to ask for pictures of her since I’ve already been asked to send pictures too. A girl I rarely talk to messaged me and said “two more weeks, can’t wait to meet her!!!” And I didn’t know what to say to her. I want her first few months of life PRIVATE. Which Is exactly what I’m gonna do but I just don’t know how to not come off as a bitch to people? How to nicely say I don’t want you to come see us! I don’t want to send pictures!