Food schedule/amount help?


FTM here- trying to navigate what to feed our LO now that solids are in the mix. Moms- What is your schedule for your baby? How much formula/bm are you offering a day? How much solid food?

Right now we do:

~7am 6 oz bottle

~9:45am 2-4oz puréed fruit + 7oz bottle

~11:30am 2-3oz veggies

~1pm 7oz bottle

~4pm 7oz bottle

~6pm oatmeal + 6oz bottle

~9:30pm “dream feed” 4oz bottle

So he has 2-4oz fruit, 2-4oz veggies 3oz oatmeal, 32-36oz bottle. I feel like he might be behind on solids? Could use any input/feedback 🤗

Also- We just started giving water in an open cup but not much. How much are you giving?

**Our LO is 7 months, 31” and ~21 lbs. Loves to eat!