My fiancé want different things for Christmas ..

So my Fiancé and I have been together 2 years, we are 19. BUT we live together and are ENGAGED last year he stayed here and went to his moms on Christmas while I went back home which is 8 hours away (I only have my dad here) it was very hard. Also I went with his family for thanksgiving last year And now his mom wants him at her thanksgiving dinner instead of ours ( MY mom is coming and sister and all my family who we NEVER see) and I had to let it go so this was a very hard thing to get over. But nooow she wants him here for Christmas again this year which means I will be showing up to my family back home (with A RING ON MY FINGER) and he won’t be by my side..... am I rightfully upset? Or do I have a point .. ahhh I need adviceeee